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7 Overseas Relocation Topics for HR to Discuss With Upper Management

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Nov 23, 2015 7:54:00 AM

There are so many things which go into an overseas relocation for human resources. If you're thinking of branching out overseas here are seven topics HR and upper management need to discuss.

Compliance: Upper management usually just wants to get things done; others lower in the totem pole need to be concerned with compliance. What are the immigration laws for the country you're looking into? What are the work visa restrictions placed upon your employees? What are the term limits you need to be wary of? If management is looking on a longer timeline, HR needs to inform them if that's even possible!

Location: Where will your team stay when they are living abroad? If this is just a short term affair; a couple of weeks for a bombastic training session with a team of ready workers, that's one thing. However if your team members are going to be staying there for months or years, they need to have housing afforded them.

Education: If your team is bringing their families for longer periods of time, then HR needs to know where their kids can go to school. If there are no English/German/French  speaking educational facilities in your new country, how are the kids supposed to learn? You also want to be sure that the curriculum is in keeping with your own beliefs and your own world view.

Wellness: One of the big things about foreign countries is the wellness factor. You want to be sure that your team is able to survive and thrive. The worst thing for management is that one of your project leaders gets unduly sick, allowing the work to suffer. The worst thing for an HR department would be if your team members got sick from something preventable and something that they should have investigated before sending anyone over there!

Civics: Another thing about living in a foreign place is that your team is naturally going to want to get out and explore. All work and no play makes anyone an unhappy employee. HR needs to know how foreign nationals are treated and what life is going to be like for them in their host country. Frankly that is something that everyone should be concerned with. Management, HR, and the team going over there; where does this team fit into this host society and how can the team be active members in it.

Daily: Something else that no one ever really considers is the day-to-day of things. Where will your team members fit in this regard? Where will they live versus where they work? How will they get around? Will they be able to drive? Ride bikes? What are the customs for those activities? Are they within walking distance of the job site? Where do they get groceries? Where do they go for other services? These are all things which need to be known ahead of time. 

Leisure: Finally there is the task of leisure. If all your team is doing is work they are going to be fried. If they know the leisure activities which are available for them ahead of time, they can plan their workdays looking forward to these treats!

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