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8 ways to sell Sweden as a location to your expats?

Posted by staff alexander on May 9, 2017 12:58:00 PM

8We get the feedback from those that leave. What do they love the most?


  1. Swedish managerial style
  2. Freedom for children – they can do a lot more at a younger age here AND they are welcome to restaurants and hotels
  3. Equality between men and women and the involvement of employees at all levels
  4. Stockholm is a capital city with all the fun things that entails, it’s also small enough to walk/bike around
  5. The Scandinavia countries are consistently voted to be the best 5 locations in the world to be an expat
  6. 5! weeks vacation – unusual in many parts of the world
  7. If you live in the city you don’t need a car, in fact you will notice that if you have a car you will use it a lot less
  8. No corruption

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