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A Healthy Welcome to Working in Sweden

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Jul 19, 2016 4:14:00 PM

When it comes to starting a new job, there are a variety of aspects that might cause anxiety and disease. You probably remember some of these elements yourself. There’s new people to meet and remember, programs to learn, and a building to navigate. Crossing that with corporate immigration makes for all the confusion of a new country, learning a language and customs, confronted with unfamiliar sights and smells and foods a part of the new employee experience. The relocation to Sweden is a big change and it’s your job at HR to try and make that change as smooth as possible in the work place.

warm welcome employeesThe less scary the move to Sweden is, the more your newbie will be able to settle swiftly into their position. An employee who feels that the company will take care of them is a productive employee. Here are ten ways to accomplish that goal:

  1. If possible, plan early for the arrival. Make sure that any practical matters have been sorted out ahead of time: the work station is ready, the computer, phone extension, email addresses, etc. are all set up, and any other matters have been tended to.
  2. Plan out the introduction ahead of time; cover a variety of topics.
  3. Welcome the new employee upon his or her arrival and give them a tour, even if the building is small.
  4. Introduce the new employee to key people in the business. Take the time to help them learn names and roles in the company.
  5. Avoid introducing too many people at the same time or overwhelming the employee with new information.
  6. Find a mentor for the new employee, someone who is a good “go-to” for questions the employee may have later.
  7. Take your newbie out to lunch.
  8. Share the employee manual.
  9. Avoid extremely high expectations of productivity or tight deadlines for about the first month if possible.
  10. Remember that no matter how sorely the employee’s presence is needed, a smooth arrival is the best way to productivity.

Despite the fact that recruitment is ordinarily performed with just enough time to cover urgent need, the new employee will be overwhelmed by the corporate relocation. Your help with a good start at the organization will lead to a happy career for the new employee.

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