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Corporate Relocation Service - 4 Ways To Facilitate A Smoother move

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Sep 17, 2015 10:18:05 AM

Transitioning an Employees Corporate Move to Sweden

Working Hard-3Suppose your company has hired some new people to work in Sweden. Your new workers are from across the globe, and you have assigned your talent management team and human resources department to handle the details of the transitioning process. So what do you need to do for your new corporate employees to move to Sweden? Today, we will go over some points that the human resources division should take into consideration for transitioning your new employees into Sweden. Let’s get started!

Relocating Employees to Sweden

Since it’s likely that your new employees don’t know much about Sweden it’s important that the human resources department to follow these tips.

  1. Have Your Employees Get to Know their New Environment.
    Whether your new employee is a seasoned traveler or not, just upping up and moving is a task that anyone doesn’t enjoy, particularly if it’s to a new country. Plan to give as much helpful information to that employee that is possible along with local shopping, entertainment, churches, and schools.  Invite your new employee to check out the local area through Swedish expat blogs to get an idea of what to expect when they move there.

  2. Remind Your New Employee About What They Will Need for Immigration.
    Your new employee most likely has no clue when it comes to the laws of Sweden. It will be your job to bring this person up to date with this information and also talk to your employee about visas and work permit, and the fees associated with these items.

  3. Explain the Costs and the Economy to New Hires.
    According to Transitions Abroad, “regardless of whether your plan is to study, volunteer, or work abroad, the economic condition on your destination is an important consideration.” You will have to explain to your new employee about the average costs associated with the economy based on their current salary.
  4. Provide Relocation Assistance
    Sometimes employees forget about asking for corporate relocation assistance. It’s important part of the job of human resources to find appropriate housing and furniture for your corporate employees. Telling your employees what your corporate policy is on relocation will make their transition to Sweden a bit easier.

Make Your Relocation Easy

You as the human resources department can have a lot of headaches with staff movement. Fortunately we understand that you don’t want to have unwanted headaches when it comes to finding a place for your employees to live, where to rent furniture, and how to handle all the forms from immigration and where to find everything in the local vicinity. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable and professional corporate relocation company that provides all these services we encourage you to contact Newcomers today Contact us today!

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