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Business immigration to Sweden can be fast!

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Oct 22, 2015 11:54:00 AM
Business immigration to Sweden can be fast!In order to receive a work permit in Sweden, one must first prove that they have received an official offer of employment from a Swedish employer. The terms of employment offered must be subjected to a labor market test and also be at least on the same level as what other Swedish employers pay their workers for similar work. The longer it takes to provide proof of these requirements, the longer it may take to obtain a work permit.

To hasten the process of obtaining work permits when you move to Sweden, follow these five tips;

  • Know what is required early

Simply go to the Swedish Migration Agency and ask them to provide you with a list of everything that would be required. And, when making the application, confirm that you have attached all necessary documents. Otherwise, your application might be considered incomplete often resulting in delays of up to a whole year.

Failure to answer all questions properly may result in unforeseen delays. Do not clutter the application forms with unnecessary material, instead, go straight to the point.

A work permit can NEVER be accepted until you can prove to the Swedish migration authorities that your employees will be paid salaries that are at least on the same level as the Swedish collective agreement. So, don’t waste time trying to justify lower salaries.

  • Schedule biometrics early

Sometimes you can be allowed to give biometrics as soon as your application is filed. Other times, you may be asked to wait until a decision can be made. The problem is that the waiting period may last several days or even a few weeks. Talk to the embassy early to discuss the matter.

  • Deal with the issue of resident cards early

Almost all non-Swedish citizens need a resident card to work in Sweden. While production of the cards is very easy, getting them to your employees might not be as easy especially if you’re applying from outside Sweden. Find out if the employees will receive the cards from the nearest post office or if they might need to pick them up from the embassy and how long it may take.


You can always save time by utilizing the services of an experienced corporate relocation agency. Most of these agencies can even help with the actual relocation to Sweden.

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