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Healthy Eating Made Simple

Posted by Emelie Zetterberg on Jan 5, 2016 4:00:00 PM

When you've relocated to a new home, the tendency can be to dine out to some type of immune excess. Try to make healthy relocation your goal. Here are some easily implemented tips for healthy eating: 

Unprocessed: Unprocessed foods are always the best and should make up a main part of your diet. This includes fruits and vegetables of course; eat as many apples and grapes as you'd like. This also includes eggs, meat, poultry and fish which haven't been processed.


Lightly: You aren't going to make everything from scratch. These ingredients you do use which are lightly processed should be used a little less often. Pasta, flour, and oil are three things that you are probably not going to make on your own. But experiment with the very best of these types of food and use them less often.

Heavily: Chips, cookies, cereal, and bread are all things which are processed even more than you'd like. You don't have to avoid them altogether but you should eat these the least of the three types. If you have an inverted food pyramid, you just need to flip it around the right way.

Home Cooked: Cooking at home is always a wise idea. A healthy diet almost depends on it. If you are eating at home you are in total control of the ingredients and you are making the call about portion size, what's included, and how it's prepared.

Salt & Oil: Salt and oil are not the enemy; use these ingredients as directed or to taste. Salt and oil and butter are all things which really add flavor and depth to your meal.

Restaurants: Going out to eat at restaurants should be at places which carry the same type of attitude towards food that you do; in other words, unprocessed and healthy!

H2O: Just like fruits and veggies are totally fine for your whole meal, so too is water. You need to drink as much water as you can in a day. Coffee, tea and juice are okay too but when water is the main tonic in your arsenal, you are going to be feeling and living so much better.

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