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How to fail a job interview

Posted by Lena on Dec 13, 2016 8:04:00 AM

The below statements in a job interview situation are likely to ensure that you will be unsuccessful in landing that position.

1. “I’m on maternity leave for another year.”

2. “Is it really necessary to work from the office? I have a sick grandmother in Macedonia that I would like to take care of, my phone can easily be forwarded and I can answer there.”

3. “I would like to a have a full time salary, although I would like to leave early every day to pick up my children at daycare. I can answer the phone from the playground.”

4. “I have worked really hard in my last job, so I look forward to winding down and taking it easy.” (at 26 years old)

5. “Oh, I don’t have a driving license - I thought I could walk around with the clients and show them around.”

6. “I live 3 hours from your office, but I thought that I can work remotely."


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