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How to Minimize Productivity Loss During Office Relocation; Guest Post

Posted by Tom Stanford Guest on Sep 13, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Today we are collaborating with Tom Stanford of WalkMove Australia, who shared with us his insight on how to minimize productivity loss during an office relocation. 

Relocation is by its nature a strenuous activity.  Most of the time while moving the office to a new location, employers tend to overlook the productivity of the employee. Office relocation is of complex nature and there are several risks associated with it. Loss in productivity directly impacts the overall key performance indicators. There is no denying the fact that there will be some loss in productivity – however, fortunately, this loss can be minimised through efficient office relocation policies.

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Foresee the future

Anticipating all the aspects of the move will allow you to remove the complications of relocation beforehand. You will still be in control of the office relocation. The strategic way of handling office relocation is to do a risk analysis. Each organisation will have a different set of challenges. Typical aspects to deliberate upon months before the move are:

  • Inventory management during the move
  • Downtime affordability during the timeframe of the relocation
  • Financial losses due to downtime
  • All aspects of the logistics from what will become of the existing furniture to company records and files, informing the contractors/clients

Plan Your Move

Once you have done a risk analysis, formulate a corrective action plan for tackling with the hindrances and obstacles in the way foe lower productivity loss. Planning the move weeks before (if not months) will save you from panicking at the eleventh hour. Also have a communication plan readied – assign managers who will have the responsibility of updating the employees about the tentative and definitive schedules. You can also acquire the help of a professional moving company to reduce the stress.

Deliberate upon the impact on employees by the relocation

Employees are the biggest asset that an organisation can have. Property is one of the major concerns which forces even the most diligent and loyal employee to decline posts in a new territory. So, if you are moving the office to a new state or city, enticing relocation packages must be offered to the employees or else, the employees will be compelled to resign. Mortgage assistance and other forms of transportation assistance ought to be provided. Travel arrangements remove a huge burden from the chest of the employees which is directly related to less number of absent days. Organisational growth is also affected along with the production loss when good employees abandon.

Label Everything

A good way dealing with office records and files is to label each office with designated letter both in the new location and the previous one. All the cardboard boxes containing important office paraphernalia ought to be labelled accordingly. Divide the materials into office supplies, reference books, documents and electronic hardware and then place each item from these categories in a separate box. Keep the files in proper file organisers. Dealing with office relocation in an organised manner automatically translates into a reduction in productivity loss.

Transport and move objects after office hours or on weekends

If you do not want the movement to affect the daily performance of the employees, it is best to schedule your move to the weekends or at least do it after the official timings end.

Moving your office to an entirely new location does not have to negatively impact your productivity at all – just be on your toes and tackle all aspects of relocation proactively.