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Different strokes for different folks

Posted by Lena on Dec 1, 2016 8:12:00 PM

immigration.pngThe interpretations of the mandatory registrations for foreign workers in Sweden that was implemented last year varies. While some companies are very diligent - I guess they have to after having experienced bribery scandals in other countries with government contract losses as a result or even having to withdraw out of potentially lucrative markets due to a lack of compliance or immigration crimes - there are some upstanding companies that just don't see the point of it all. They can't get the administration to work internally and have interpreted the legal aspect in a practical common sense manner. Not sure that is recommended, last summer we brought in extra staff to help our clients stay compliant. Don't lose your client contracts on the small stuff. Focus on the core competencies and let experts handle the risk avoidance by taking the ball and run with it.

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