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A proper departure service when leaving Sweden must be spotless or it can be risky business

Posted by Lena on Oct 2, 2014 9:13:32 PM

spotless_departure_service_sweden-225x300We have done many departure services this year and there are crucial items that we find are sometimes overlooked.

A home insurance is mandatory according to the lease, we find that often no insurance has been signed up for which not only a breach of contract but it also jeopardizes the individuals safety. Recently a large house in the most affluent, read most expensive area, in Sweden was left after several years of occupancy. No tenants insurance to be cancelled for the simple reason that it was never signed up for. Why didn’t we sign up for them? Simple we are not licensed to commit to insurance terms on someone else’s behalf. So nothing happened, we are all good right?

No, we are not all good – this is a couple of scenarios that have happened over the years. Water damage, 9-12 months to dry out and rebuild. The landlord’s insurance will cover the damage unless the tenant is at fault, but the evacuation housing is covered by the tenant’s insurance company. Provided that they have one…

Ignoring to pay the radio license fee which is a mandatory tax, but needs to be signed up for has cost people a lot more than the 2400 SEK/year that is the fee. People have lost their job for less, it’s a matter of being a credible person. Cheating with taxes is not something you want to do if you are ever in a position of responsibility or in the TV/Music industry for instance, ministers of government have been fired for overlooking this seemingly small matter.

So what do smart companies do? They demand to see proof of the tenant’s insurance, while it’s not act of distrust it can be an easy assurance not to end up in financial trouble or in the press for all the wrong reasons.

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