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Relocating to Sweden's start up tech scene can be due to the quality of life!

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Jan 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

It’s the quality-of-life index that measures the satisfaction of life. They figure out these statistics by using surveys around an area, region, state or even country as it will show how happy people are on average. Being wealthy seems to help more than anything else, but the survey takes other factors into consideration such as trust in government institution, family life, crime, employment, freedom of religion, and a lot of other social factors. No wonder Newcomer's experienced a surge in the corporate relocation to Sweden in 2015! Many companies wanted to move employees to Sweden so they can benefit from the high quality of life.


Once they figure out all the aspects of these surveys, it shows the best countries to be in to have this high-quality of life. The top five countries are within a score of 8.01 to 8.22, which is not that big of a difference, but shows Sweden in that top five with a rank of 8.02. But how can quality of life effect a Tech startup in Sweden? Today, we will look deeper into this topic.

The Future of Tech

Despite the global economic slowdown around the world, specific sectors have been rapidly increasing with tech being in the top five. The life expectancy continues to increase, and this puts demand on the tech sector of how to utilize technology to sustain the quality of life with age. This can cover a different abundance of sectors from health, banking, education, and entertainment. There is so much needed in our ever growing world in the means of technology that those with the vision for the future, their ideas and their companies need to be in an area to thrive to evolve into great companies.


Quality of Life has a Direct Impact on Tech Start-Ups

Quality of life has had a major impact on every industry for proven success, and it is no different for tech. When tech start-ups were put into environments where quality of living was high, it increased motivation and creativity to all-time highs. Studies have also shown that those who had a high quality of life were positively impacted, which helped them enormously to gain knowledge helping promotion of ideas within the start-up itself.


If you have been thinking of starting up a company in Sweden because of the enormous benefits that come from a high quality of life, consider using the professional services of a business immigration relocation company like Newcomers. 

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