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Saving Electricity

Posted by staff alexander on Jan 10, 2017 8:32:00 AM

winter house swedenThere are many ways to save electricity during the long, dark and cold Swedish winter. Some adjustments in your home or habits may seem small, but they all add up to save money and the environment.

Use your household appliances efficiently. Start the laundry, dryer and dish washer only when they are full. Use lower temperatures, as today´s detergents are effective and adapted for this. Also, make sure your appliances are not more than 15 years old; new ones are much more energy efficient, often with an energy classification ranging from A to A++. There is no need to keep the refrigerator and/or freezer colder than recommended - each lowered degree Celsius requires 5% more electricity. Use an electric kettle to boil water. A microwave oven saves energy compared to a regular oven.

There are special faucets and flushing systems which limit your use of water in the bathroom.

Turn off lights in rooms no one is using. Use low-energy lighting and if possible change to LED lamps. Turn off appliances and electronics completely, as opposed to putting them in sleep mode. Remove chargers from the wall when you are done charging, since they consume electricity even when not in use.

Check that your house or apartment is well-insulated, with no drafty windows or doors. And put on a sweater or snuggle up with a blanket instead of raising the indoor temperature.

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