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Why small data becomes big data

Posted by staff alexander on May 2, 2017 12:09:00 PM

BigData_2267x1146_whiteWe started keeping track of our client in the cloud in 2003, before that we were paper based. We hardly use paper these days, not for handouts, nor to print anything apart from home finding schedules, and we will move away from that too. Apart from not printing unnecessarily we keep track of everything in our tracking system, on our server and not least in our hearts. We get close to our transferees, but we also want to help our HR clients improve their processes and that can be done with big data. Local cost of living indexes are created. We know how much it costs to rent a place in Sweden and most importantly we know what it costs now, not three years ago. Well, we know that too, but it’s of little use to anyone. We also know what your expat population has paid in the last year, why is that important? It can be a tool to set salaries, to set expectations of cost of living, have the right focus for recruitment. Talk to us about tracking your data and how you can use other data to build your compensation packages.


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