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Start ups – are there obstacles in Stockholm?

Posted by Lena on Feb 28, 2017 1:17:00 PM

The housing shortage is often mentioned as one of the main obstacles to starting or growing a company in Stockholm. It is limited and takes out a great deal of our days, every day to source properties for our clients. They are in a good situation though having the help of experts that can find, show, set up corporate leases, check property condition, figure out scams that are abundant in a difficult market. However when we met with one of the lobby groups recently we could conclude that, our clients see little of the problems so there's a solution for startups.

Traffic jamWhat is a problem though is traffic. The congestions limits how far away you can live from school or work place, it just isn't possible to combine work, family and a commute in a good way. This is the real problem and there is little focus on it while people spend more and more time in their cars. I used to be able to say to people from Sao Paolo that you can live anywhere because distances are short and there's no traffic. That's not true anymore.

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