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How to stay healthy during the relocation period!

Posted by staff alexander on Apr 16, 2015 12:54:23 PM

healthWhen employees are crossing borders it’s usually a stressful time. How to stay healthy, happy and productive during transition!

  1. Acknowledge that the person has a lot on their hands and have realistic expectations for productivity the first couple of weeks
  2. Wait with the boot-camp until they are done unpacking and settling in
  3. Understand that the person is very often also involved in their jobs/tasks in the sending company perhaps working closely with a replacement
  4. Encourage a healthy living and give them the tools to do so
  5. Have walking meetings to get fresh air and fresh ideas
  6. Invite them to join the company’s health and fitness program

Or call us and we can help you set up a program for Healthy Relocation to reduce stress, increase productivity and not least raise happiness levels!

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