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Posted by Lena on Jan 26, 2017 12:16:00 PM

How do you manage your time?

My philosophy is to “Do today what can be done and you have room for unexpected (good and bad) tomorrow” that way we can provide excellent services. This is culturally driven by a Swede that wants a clean desk, every day. Recently, I met with a work friend in Geneva and I mentioned that the Italian Immigration companies were amazingly swift in responding to a query. Her immediate response was “Of course, they have nothing to do” that was an eye opener for me. Working hard in order to be able to give close to immediate responses can be perceived as having nothing to do.

A couple of years ago I felt overwhelmed at work. I had to stay late almost every night and had an office with open space. I worked long hours without a sense of accomplishment. I figured there must be a better way to do this. I engaged a Time Management expert and she came to our office for a day and lectured and reviewed our processes. Her legacy lives on today, we moved to a new office space with our own rooms, although fast growth has changed that for 7 team members already.

I read literature on time management, planning your day black belt in efficiency, etc. planning and preparation seems to be the answer to efficiency. If you take a look at one of my agendas from last week it would show;

7 AM - review emails from North American/China/Japan and India that came in while I slept. Respond to them before their day is finished, that way we’ll save a day which is often crucial with corporate immigration
8:30 - Get to the office –planned work that needs brainpower.
9AM - 10-20 minutes with the some staff members, help plan their day
9:30-11 - Brainpower time, few if any phone calls
11-12 - Answer emails/calls/internal affairs
12-1 - Lunch and take the dog for a walk.
1-3 - Webmaster comes to go through improvements and changes so we stay on course with our communicative strategies.
3-6 - Conference calls, many, many conference calls here to give guidance to clients

This is what I do that works
• We have silent times in the office 9:15-11 and 1-3 where we try to do the work where we need to concentrate closely on the task. Best done in the morning when the brain is the most alert after a good night’s sleep.
• Try to do one thing at a time, multitasking doesn’t work unless it’s sorting laundry and listening to the radio.
• Have deadlines and meet them!
• Use outlook calendar and plan my day, week and month closely tied to KPIs.
• Enter recurring tasks such as review the website on a monthly basis in my calendar – that way it will actually get done.
• Plan times for questions from staff members
• Plan tomorrow as the last task each day

This is what I should do
• Work less, with more time freed up due to good planning I get excited about new projects, improvement and new ideas that are formed..
• I don’t’ take a long walk for lunch to increase my brainpower for the afternoon... I will do that today!
• Hold off on responses to others so they understand I’m very busy.. to me not responding is a sign of chaos and poor planning – but my friend taught me that it can be perceived differently.
• Clean my desk completely for tomorrow.



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