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“What is love” and who is a relative in the eyes of the Swedish migration board?

Posted by Lena on Dec 20, 2016 8:50:33 AM

In Sweden we have a fairly limited view of what is the family member of a relocating employee. While it’s customary in many places globally to have a mother or an in-law living with you as part of the family, that isn’t considered a family relation in Sweden. While Swedes frequently co-habitat and even have children together without marrying we are more generous than other destinations that will not allow unmarried partners to move as a dependent, but the burden of proof is there and a fair amount of documentation is required. I spoke to someone last spring and he told me that he wanted his long term girlfriend to come along and going through the options he called me the next day and said “you can open up the champagne, we are getting married”. We have married many people with the help of the migration board which is the silver lining of our job as immigration experts.

Sweden is relaxed about non-married couples and also same sex couples, as long as they are married they will be acknowledged as married. Where the migration board is very stringent is with Swedes that have married abroad to a non-Swede – this takes careful planning and preparations well in advance in order to avoid painful separations for months on end. There are steps to take to avoid this upon homecoming. Contact us for more information on life and love in the immigration world.



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