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Why Ebola changed our CSR Guidelines

Posted by Lena on Aug 22, 2017 9:39:00 AM

We have worked with the same CSR guidelines for many years. We want to add to peoples and animals lives. Hence we are the proud sponsors of orphaned children as well as orphaned elephants, SOS Children villages and all sorts of medical research. We have been very happy with our engagements.

CSR Guidelines.jpgThen Ebola hit and all policy, guidelines and consistency has been set aside. This is not something we can plan for this is something we MUST do something about immediately, today not tomorrow or in a new fiscal year. We are participating in the “Fight Against Ebola” and have donated to MSF in Sweden, not once but twice, considerably increasing our efforts the second time. Large companies are stuck in policies and guidelines so the funds have come in from private persons and small companies – interesting. We encourage all companies large and small to help prevent people from dying a horrible and unnecessary death while policy is being adjusted. Ebola is showing the way to how we can set policies and guidelines to be effective when and wherever it’s needed. We can conclude small companies are agile and that saves lives.

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