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Why landlords should care about the inspection more than the tenant

Posted by Lena on Nov 15, 2016 8:52:00 AM

Why is this more important for the landlord? Because the burden of proof lies with the landlord’s. Unless it’s documented in writing, photos can be manipulated, they have no case in case of damages. Why do we document it? To avoid endless and futile discussions, the landlord doesn’t have a case without documentation and while an honest tenant will admit, replace and reimburse a landlord not all do.

Landlord Tenant Rules

Upon move in we usually do a superficial inspection of the property and document the interior surface condition, walls, floors, windows, doors, kitchen and test if the electricity, stove, fan, etc. works. The furniture and list of inventory is the task of the landlord to do, in English. It should be prepared beforehand so we can go through it at move in, of not it has no validity.

The documentation at move in should be signed by both parties and is the foundation for as swift move out. This is done to protect our client, the tenant and to be able to get the deposit back without delay.

This year we “inherited” the move outs for several clients from other relocation companies or even do-it-yourselfers. There was sloppy or no documentation while landlords wanted compensation for real or perceived damages. We had no way of knowing, word against word and in the end the landlord wasn’t entitled to compensation. After a lot of time was spent about taking about flower pots and blankets the company did let go of some of the deposit. They had no obligation to do so, but probably found that time is money and it was not worth discussing any longer.

Smart landlords are prepared and rent out to tenants with professional relocation services or they may pay dearly in the end. A Swift Departure needs a smooth landing or as we say in Sweden “what can be hidden in snow will be found in thaw.. “

Landlord can register the properties without charge on our website. Go to Vill du Hyra Ut spend one minute on registering your property – have a tenant tomorrow and lean back.

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