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Why your Business Immigration to Europe is changing rapidly!

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Dec 3, 2015 4:13:00 PM

Why your Business Immigration to Europe is changing rapidly!If your company is in need of business VISAs you need to do a fair amount of planning. Just because you have work and something to offer your host country doesn't mean that you will still be able to get a work VISA to Europe. The general overview of European immigration today is to expect longer, much longer application processes due to the refugee crisis. Closed borders is on top of the news and Sweden closed the southern border earlier this week.

Immigration is first on everyone's mind and tongue these days. Unsurprisingly with the rapidly changing global climate on immigration, the temperament towards the topic has changed drastically as well.

One of our partners in Belgium summed it up well, saying:

“We see the images of thousands of people sleeping in the parks in front of the Foreigners’ Office on television every day. Almost every empty office building has been filled with beds to accommodate refugees. Every town, every village in the country gets their proportionate share to absorb. I think we can recognize this around Europe.”

As a leader in this industry, it's our job to help clients adjust. With the new timelines and expectations VISA applicants need to act quickly to be able to start working at the anticipated start date.

Europe at a glance:

Belgium – Here thousands of refugees have entered and have been given help. As such the timelines for business immigration is expected to be longer soon.
Finland – Expect major delays in future VISA applications. The impact is expected to be known in late this year.
France - Here there have been no significant delays yet.
Germany – Germany has got mountainous delays and some borders are closed.
Holland – There have been no delays yet.
Hungary – WHile the borders are closed you can still expect long hours of waiting in government offices and it is difficult to get frequent updates from the migration agencies. 
Italy – Italy has been spared delays thus far.
Ireland - Trying to avoid problems the bridge solution is a cause for frustration in Ireland. They are encouraging applicants to have a bridge VISA while renewals are pending. There have been frustratingly long lines at Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB).
Luxemburg – There are delays already.
Malta – No delays.
Spain – No delays.
Sweden – The southern border is closed at least temporarily and the migration agency timelines are getting increasingly longer. Starting early is the best remedy, we see that renewals are still getting through quickly while delays are with the first applications.  
Switzerland – Switzerland's smaller cantons are expected to have delays first.

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