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Work Permits: First Time Applications vs. Extensions

Posted by Lena Rekdal on Feb 11, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Applying  for a work permit for the first time and applying for an extension to the permit can be a bit different.  One main difference is the burden of proof which requires different  documents  to be produced.

In order to work in Sweden you will need to apply for a first time workpermit, or at some point you may have to apply for an extenstion.

For a first time work permit application the employer needs to show that the employee will be offered terms that are in line with the terms on the Swedish labor market and in the collective agreements stipulated by the unions. The contract terms must include  insurance for health, life, occupational injury and pension. Salary and working hours must also be included in this contract.

Stockholm NightWhen it is time to apply for a work permit extension, all the terms will be assessed and the Migration Agency will require proof that they have been met. All insurance must have been valid since the day that the employee started working and the salary must have been paid out in accordance with the offer of employment (or higher). The Migration Agency continuously raises the bar of what details and documentation needed to be presented in order to be granted an extension.

It is more time consuming to file an extension application, as the process includes collecting documents, filing the application and the processing time at the Migration Agency. It is therefore wise to initiate extensions well in advance of the current permit’s expiration date.

Newcomers can guide you through the work permit extension process and make sure that your company remains compliant to the Migration Agency’s standards.

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